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Road Trip

I’m out and about again!  My friends Chris & Melissa let me tag along on their road trip.  We’re going to cover over 2,500 miles in 8 days.  The plan is to go through Philadelphia on our way to Boston.  Then we’re going to go through Niagara Falls and Canada on the way back.

Today wasn’t too exciting but we still had fun.  It was pretty much just driving.  On our way we stopped off at one of the lamest places in Indiana (which is saying A LOT)!  We hopped off the interstate to go represent the orange and blue the Indiana Basketball “Hall of Lame Fame”.  After that, Melissa got some Skyline chili, which they say is good, but it really just gives me gas.  We ended up stopping at a Quality Inn in Pennsylvania after midnight.



2 Responses to “Road Trip”

  1. The pictures are AWESOME. Your expressions are perfect… Also, I’m jealous of the Skyline trip…

  2. So, I thought I would share my latest road trip adventure. I was in Cincy for the weekend, but didn’t get to have any chili, so on my drive back I was determined to get Skyline. It cost me 2 hours, approximately 50 miles and was almost worth all of it.

    I’m crazy …

    Glad you’re having fun Mr. Bear.

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