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Road Trip: Driving Day

Today was really all about driving too (we’ve covered 980 miles so far) but we made lots of fun side trips.  As we drove through the vast Pennsylvania wilderness we realized that we’d be passing within about 35 miles of Gettysburg so we decided to drive down and see the famous battlefield.  It was an incredible place to see.  Apparently, over 50,000 men, and 14 stuffed animals, died there in only three days. 

After that, as we drove into Philadelphia, we saw that we were passing Valley Forge, the famous where George Washington led the Continental Army as they prepared for battle in the Revolutionary War.  I tried out some of their bunks and my back is still aching.  They put twelve soldiers in each small bunch house. 

Finally, we had dinner at a very large mall nearby and then we walked through the largest municipal park in the United States.  It is along the river and there was even a man-made waterfall in the river that got me looking forward to seeing Niagara Falls at the end of the week.




One Response to “Road Trip: Driving Day”

  1. Mr. Bear,

    I absolutely love your blog. You are an amazingly well-traveled Bear and you always go to the most interesting places. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip! I have several stuffed animals who are quite jealous of you at the moment 🙂


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