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Historic Boston

Today we saw a few of the more historic Boston sites today.  We took the subway down to see Paul Revere’s home and the Old North Church where they signaled that the British were coming.  They had some funny pew boxes that the congregation would sit in because the building wasn’t heated.  I sat down for a while so Chris and Melissa could look around.  We had lunch at a fun Italian place and then we walked to a fun market that reminded me a little of our visit to Notting Hill in London.  Then, just before we left downtown we walked by the location of the Boston Massacre.  We almost missed it because it just looks like a big pot hole in the street.  You can see it as a big circle of bricks behind me in one of the pictures below.  We rode on the subway (my third different subway after London and Paris) back to the hotel and drove out to Plymouth Rock for dinner. 






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